Canvas created for Words & Paintery

                   Canvas created for Words & Paintery blog.

Altered lamp for kitchen

Voila. Our new kitchen lamp. And i love it!
Meidän uusi keittiön lamppu ja todellakin olen tyytyväinen lopputulokseen

CCB Travelling Art Journal

Have you ever seen the movie called ‘The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants’? It’s an easy watching flick about a group of best friends who, after spending most of their lives together, are preparing to spend their first separate summer vacations in various parts of the world. On one of the final days of their time together, they went shopping and found an amazing pair of jeans that fits all of them perfectly despite their very different shapes and measurements (wouldn’t that be a treat if that perfect pair of jeans really existed?!). The girls decide to share the jeans over the summer calling them the Travelling Pants to reflect the journey the pants will be making over the hot months to join each of them. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?
Inspired by the idea of an item travelling the world, we have decided to put our own Canvas Corp Brands spin on it… With that in mind our thoughts wandered even further… so… what if we made our art travel around the world?
Hmmm… There are plenty of travel journals where people document their travels and adventures; chef’s document the flavours and ideas gathered on their travels; students record their activities and places they have visited… There are also art journals where artists ‘jot down their thoughts’ in a form of an illustration or sketch or…any kind of artsy form.
Putting all the ideas together we had an Eureka moment – CANVAS CORP BRANDS TRAVELING ART JOURNAL !!!
The idea was born!

DIY Altered Lamp

I needed a new lamp for my craft room and as you know i love trash.
              So here is my new lamp.
     I believe that everybody needs a second chance.
       Tarvitsin uuden valaisimen ja kuten varmaan tiedätte pidän roskista ja kierrätyksestä. Toisen roska voi olla mun aarteeni kuten tämä lamppu. Jokainen tarvitsee toisen mahdollisuuden vai mitä?

Altered Frying Pan

You can make art about everything.
Like i did.
Taidetta voi tehdä mistä tahansa.
Kuten minä tein tästä paistinpannusta

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